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Dan Pratt

Senior Vice President

Dan is renowned in the construction industry for his innovative ideas that contribute meaningfully to complex projects. His hands-on approach and meticulous research and development leads to innovative, creative solutions.

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Kendall Smith

Vice President, Building Division

With 31 years of experience in construction and management, Kendall brings perspective to the team. Kendall will work with the architect to make sure that the structure accommodated all of the conveniences of a modern, state-of-the-art middle school. He will review drawings, sheet by sheet, before the project is sent out for subcontractor bidding. He will eliminate discrepancies and increase understanding.

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Lynn Hinrichs

Vice President, Government Projects

With experience in all areas of constuction management, Lynn brings unique persective to the team. He has worked as an architect, designer, project manager, owner’s rep, and contractor. Prior to joining hughes, Lynn was with the DFCM for 16 years.

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Gene Madsen

Vice President, Southern Utah

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Travis Davis

Vice President, Private/Design Build

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